Ready to start liking what you see in the mirror?

Wouldn’t it be nice to spend more time doing things that bring you joy and less time worrying about how your body looks? These 5 journal prompts can help you get started!

Liking our bodies can be hard work.

We all know that the media and society has a lot to answer for when it comes to women not loving their bodies.

The way women are portrayed on TV and in magazines is unrealistic at best, and damaging at worst!

And the diet industry makes billions off of convincing you that your body isn’t good enough as is.

So how can you stop hating your body?

These 5 journal prompts will help you start accepting (maybe even liking?!) your body just as it is in this moment.

They are designed so that anyone can do them, even if they’ve never kept a journal before or haven’t done any kind of personal work around body image healing before.

body image journal prompts

Here’s what you get in my body image journal:

Body Acceptance

Start accepting your body the way it is and only worry about what YOU think​

Find peace

Find peace with how you look NOW (not when you lose those ‘last 10 pounds’)​

No more shame

Work toward not shaming yourself every time the mirror reveals an imperfection during a quick bathroom break​

More time & energy

Get back all of the time & energy you have spent on hating your body


Start practicing self-compassion and actually feeling good in your body

All this & more!

This is all included in this PDF download for FREE!

Happy Clients

This has helped me

so much more than

I ever could have imagined!



Athens, GA

I have gained much more confidence and acceptance of my body. When I look at pictures of myself on my phone or at myself in the mirror, I use more positive self talk about my appearance. Thank you for helping me do that!


Newnan, GA

I’ve been less stressed when eating food & actually moving my body in ways that I enjoy, It’s been great to not have to think of my weight as the only way to be healthy.


Athens, GA