The ULTIMATE Food & Mood Journal for Intuitive Eating

This journal is perfect for getting in touch with your fullness & hunger cues as you work toward food freedom!

Food is emotional.

So often, we use food in response to uncomfortable emotions like sadness or anger without even realizing it!

This journal will help give you insight into just how much your moods have influence over your food choices, so you can start developing a toolbox of coping mechanisms for those uncomfortable times.

We know that eating is a lot more than just feeling full and being hungry, but it can be hard to figure out what our body needs!

Not to mention that there are so many conflicting messages from diet culture about what you should eat and when (no thank you, calorie counting apps).

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But, this food & mood journal will help you start to make the connections between your feelings and your food choices.

It won’t tell you how much or what type of food to eat, but instead will give you space to write down everything that happens before, during, and after meals. Then you will be able to see the patterns that will emerge around when and what you eat, as well as why this may be happening for you.

The goal is not to change anything right away – rather it’s meant as an introspective tool for understanding yourself better in order than making whatever changes feel right for YOU!

Here’s what you get in the food and mood journal:

Get in touch with your body

Get to know your body and how the food you eat affects you

Notice any changes

Write down what you’re eating, when, where and how it makes you feel

Gentle Nutrition

Start a positive dialogue with your body about nutrition

Feel your feelings

Easily make connections between habits around food and your feelings

Happy Clients

This has helped me

so much more than

I ever could have imagined!



Athens, GA

I have gained much more confidence and acceptance of my body. When I look at pictures of myself on my phone or at myself in the mirror, I use more positive self talk about my appearance. Thank you for helping me do that!


Newnan, GA

I’ve been less stressed when eating food & actually moving my body in ways that I enjoy, It’s been great to not have to think of my weight as the only way to be healthy.


Athens, GA