Intuitive Eating 101

Learn how to eat without guilt,
love your body without shame &
discover life after years of dieting in this mini course!

This mini-course will teach you...


Change the way you view food & your body

“Courtney helped me a TON when I was really struggling to understand how everyone’s health journey varies. You know, the keto, low carb, no soy, grain free, etc. She offers judgement free, honest, science-backed guidance on how to build a healthy lifestyle without feeling overwhelmed or not good enough. Her guidance was transformational for me and now that I need some gentle reminders, I’m focusing in on what I learned directly from her!”

K.M., Athens, GA

Vickery Wellness Online nutrition group program based in Intuitive Eating. Athens, GA

for Intuitive Eating 101

Vickery Wellness Dietitian Nutrition Group Program Athens, GA
I am an anti-diet dietitian who specializes in an Intuitive Eating approach for those who are tired of doing toxic fad diets, have disordered eating habits or are in recovery from an eating disorder. I have also taught group fitness and yoga classes for over a decade. Read more here!

What is included?


20 minutes of a GOLDMINE of information that is sure to help you get started on your Intuitive Eating journey.

Ditch those diets!

Awesome handouts

You will get some amazing handouts that include the slides and information from the webinar,
a hunger and fullness scale, food/mood journal,
10 principles of Intuitive Eating and more!

Don't forget about the bonuses!

I know you want more, so I’m gonna give it to ya.
I’m throwing in a NEW 5 days of meal inspirations that includes recipes AND grocery lists.
Get ready for a stress free grocery trip!

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