Are you tired of stressing about ‘What’s for dinner?!’

This FREE webinar explains my Meal Planning 101 process that is super easy and intuitive!

Deciding what to make for dinner

So you’re ready to ditch counting calories, but aren’t sure what that looks like when meal planning?

Well, I’ve got the plan for you!

My Meal Planning 101 webinar teaches a no-nonsense, easy way to plan your meals. It’s like the kid’s book “Let’s Go Shopping” *except* this book will help you make a plan that is realistic AND flexible!

You’ll learn an intuitive approach that flips planning meals on its head so it becomes almost a game (think: your favorite mystery game where you have to put the pieces of the puzzle together!).

For example, we will discuss how if you can’t find what you need at the grocery store, you can grab some yummy frozen substitutes from the freezer section.

Get ready to simplify your life and your meal plan!


Meal Planning 101 Dietitian Nutritionist Athens GA Georgia

Here’s what you get:

No more stress

No more worrying about what’s for dinner or whether you have the ‘perfect’ recipe for tonight!

More time with family & friends

You will spend less time stressing over recipes & ingredients and more time with loved ones!

New ways to nourish your body

Part of this process is slowly finding new recipes to add to your rotation!

No more boredom

This isn’t a cookie-cutter meal plan because I am teaching you the method behind the madness 😉

Intuitive Eating based

This meal plan is based on what works best for YOU!

All this & more!

This is all included in this PDF download for FREE!

Happy Clients

This has helped me

so much more than

I ever could have imagined!



Athens, GA

I have gained much more confidence and acceptance of my body. When I look at pictures of myself on my phone or at myself in the mirror, I use more positive self talk about my appearance. Thank you for helping me do that!


Newnan, GA

I’ve been less stressed when eating food & actually moving my body in ways that I enjoy, It’s been great to not have to think of my weight as the only way to be healthy.


Athens, GA