How to move from restriction to recovery with the plate method

Move away from exchanges, calories, and other obsessive approaches with this visual plate method!

Eating Disorder recovery is HARD.

It’s is one of the hardest and BRAVEST things you will probably do.

I know it may seem impossible to move away from counting all of the exchanges and other numbers. 

You want to be able to move into a more intuitive approach to recovery.

But how?

I have a tool that can help you!

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These are strategies I’ve used in my own life & with my clients to help them break free from disordered eating habits and move toward a more intuitive approach.

Here’s what you get:

No more exchanges

Learn a new way to nourish your body in recovery that doesn’t involve any numbers or memorizing lists.

Nourish your body

This visual plate method will help you learn how to provide your body with the nourishment it needs as you recover.

Examples for meals & snacks

This handout provides visual examples for both meals AND snacks using the plate method.

All this & more!

This is all included in this PDF download for FREE!

Happy Clients

This has helped me

so much more than

I ever could have imagined!



Athens, GA

I have gained much more confidence and acceptance of my body. When I look at pictures of myself on my phone or at myself in the mirror, I use more positive self talk about my appearance. Thank you for helping me do that!


Newnan, GA

I’ve been less stressed when eating food & actually moving my body in ways that I enjoy, It’s been great to not have to think of my weight as the only way to be healthy.


Athens, GA