It’s time to break free from obsessing about food & finally feel good in your body

You need a personalized approach to nutrition & body image healing that empowers you!

It’s time to break free from obsessing about food & finally feel good in your body

You need a personalized approach to nutrition & body image healing that empowers you!


Courtney Vickery | Vickery Wellness | Dietitian Nutritionist | Athens, GA Atlanta, GA

Courtney Vickery, MS, RD, LD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Intuitive Eating Counselor & Nutrition Therapist

Are you tired of trying diet after diet?

What if I told you it was possible to stop obsessing about food – that there IS a way to focus on nourishing your body rather than restricting it from food.


A way that doesn’t involve feeling guilty every time you eat something that you actually enjoy (hello, Taco Tuesday!).

Imagine what it would feel like to…

✨ Stop doing all.the.diets.

To finally feel at peace around food and not to have to worry about feeling guilty later.

To BREAK FREE from the restrict-binge-guilt cycle.

As an anti-diet dietitian, my goal is to empower YOU to apply Intuitive Eating to your life in a way that is unique to your lifestyle and health goals!

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Vickery Wellness | Dietitian Nutritionist | Athens, GA Atlanta, GA

Not your regular nutritionist…

Here’s my philosophy in a nut shell:

YOU are the expert of your body

Your overall health & wellbeing is more important than the number on the scale


You don't have to love your body, but we can work on respecting it


Nourishing your body is a form of self-care


Full recovery from diets & disordered eating IS possible!

How I can help

Eating Disorder Nutrition Counseling

The journey to recovery is a difficult one, but working with someone who has lived experience and an empathetic approach can help you understand your unique situation. I’ll provide support & guidance, so you can recover at your own pace.


Nutrition Counseling

Everyone is unique, so my anti-diet, intuitive eating approach is tailored specifically to YOUR individual needs. We’ll develop a customized plan that works for you. Whether you’re struggling with a nutrition-related medical condition or just want to improve your relationship with food, nutrition counseling can help.


Nutrition & Body Image Resources

If you’re looking for reliable and trustworthy resources on nutrition, body image, eating disorders, and more, look no further than the collection I’ve put together for you! From books to podcasts, there’s something for everyone who wants to learn more about taking care of their bodies and themselves.


What to Expect


Transformative & whole person guidance from an experienced weight inclusive dietitian


NEVER feeling judged for what you choose to eat


Learn to see food as nourishment instead of something to fear


No more guilt after going to dinner with friends


Finally being free from obsessing about food & exercise

Vickery Wellness | Dietitian Nutritionist | Athens, GA

What my clients are saying

“Courtney is an incredibly caring, available, and knowledgeable nutritionist.

She taught me how to properly meal plan for a busy schedule, normalize enjoying food, and harbor a healthy relationship with movement.”

C.R., Athens, GA

“Courtney offers judgement free, honest, science-backed guidance on how to build a healthy lifestyle without feeling overwhelmed or not good enough.

Her guidance was transformational for me.

K.M., Athens, GA


Hi, I’m Courtney

I am a Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Nutrition Therapist and Yoga Teacher located in Athens, GA.

As someone who has struggled with eating disorders in the past, I know first-hand how hard it can be to be consumed with obsession around food, exercise and your body.

That is why my passion is guiding people like you to finding peace within yourself through therapeutic nutrition counseling sessions based in Intuitive Eating and self-compassion.

Through this work you will be able heal from any emotional ties towards food and obsessions with calories and food rules.

You can read more about my philosophy here.

Vickery Wellness | Dietitian Nutritionist | Athens, GA Atlanta, Georgia

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What’s for dinner?

Get my Meal Planning 101 Webinar AND Handouts to learn the exact method I use for meal planning with clients. Finally, a way to meal plan that isn’t related to diet culture!

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