How to stop counting calories & obsessing about food in 10 easy steps

10 actionable steps to get you from the endless cycle of dieting to stress-free food freedom!

Dieting SUCKS.

It’s hard, and it rarely works.

I know you’re tired of dieting and the emotional roller coaster that comes with it.

You want to stop obsessively counting calories or weighing yourself over and over again.

But how?

I have a solution for you!

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These are strategies I’ve used in my own life & with my clients to help them break free from disordered eating habits once and for all!

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Here’s what you get:

No more diets

Get started on dumping the burden of dieting & counting calories

Get confident

Unleash confidence in your journey to better OVERALL health & wellbeing

Nourish your body

Fight for a healthy lifestyle outside of food restriction

Throw out the scale

Start living without fear of the scale

No more food rules

Forget about all the stressful rules & conflicting information

All this & more!

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Happy Clients

This has helped me

so much more than

I ever could have imagined!



Athens, GA

I have gained much more confidence and acceptance of my body. When I look at pictures of myself on my phone or at myself in the mirror, I use more positive self talk about my appearance. Thank you for helping me do that!


Newnan, GA

I’ve been less stressed when eating food & actually moving my body in ways that I enjoy, It’s been great to not have to think of my weight as the only way to be healthy.


Athens, GA