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Eating Disorders

Empathetic nutrition therapy with a Registered Dietitian
for college students & adults who are in eating disorder recovery

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Hi, I'm Courtney


As an eating disorder Dietitian who specializes in Intuitive Eating nutrition counseling and body acceptance work, I am passionate about helping others break free from eating disorders.

I believe this work is important because I know first hand how much an eating disorder can consume your life.

My goal for clients is for them to learn more about their own relationship with food and their body. Then, we can work together toward creating habits around nourishment from food instead of restriction.

In order to ensure that I am being inclusive and flexible, if you would prefer to inquire about services in a way other than over the phone (such as email), I am happy to accommodate those requests.

I believe that you CAN recover from your eating disorder

I believe that you can accept your here & now body

I believe that you deserve to have a dietitian who is compassionate

My eating disorder nutrition counseling framework

During our work together, when you are in an appropriate stage of recovery, we will find ways to incorporate these 10 principles into your life. There is no particular order, but we will cover them all throughoutour time together.​

Health at Every Size focuses on the fact that true health is based on social, economic and environmental factors. This also means that as an eating disorder dietitian, I believe that eating disorders come in ALL shapes and ALL sizes. I believe that what is more important is whether you are having or acting on disordered thoughts around food and your body.​

My approach as an eating disorder dietitian is also based in my values, with the top 2 being empathy and compassion. I will meet you wherever you are in this journey and help you to move forward at your own pace and readiness. I won’t judge you or push you beyond what you are ready to do (as long as you are medically stable & doing the work with me).​

We will work together to help you
understand your eating disorder thoughts & behaviors,
re-learn your hunger & satiety cues,
and how to respect your body.

Here's what is included

Eating Disorder Dietitian Athens, GA | Vickery Wellness

What my clients are saying

Vickery Wellness | Dietitian Nutritionist | Athens, GA

“I was so excited to find a local nutritionist who practices body acceptance and intuitive eating. Courtney is easy to talk to, supportive, and compassionate. I’ve loved working with her!”

B.C., Athens, GA

“Courtney offers judgement free, honest, science-backed guidance on how to build a healthy lifestyle without feeling overwhelmed or not good enough. Her guidance was transformational for me.”

K.M., Athens, GA

“What I love most about working with Courtney is her ability to connect with me as a client, making me feel my concerns were valid and that she wanted to help! She is compassionate about your health & wellness.”

L.W., Athens, GA

“Courtney is an incredibly caring, available, and knowledgable nutritionist.  She taught me how to properly meal plan for a busy schedule, normalize enjoying food, and harbor a healthy relationship with movement.”

C.R., Athens, GA


1 Hour

*Required for the initial session
$ 150
  • Review medical & nutrition history
  • Discuss body image concerns
  • Review lab work
  • Develop long and short term goals

45 Minute

Follow Up Session
$ 115
  • Review focus and goals from previous session
  • Discuss what support you need
  • Work on developing self compassion
  • Adjust long and short term goals

*Prices increase each year on January 1st*

How it works

First, we will do a free 15 minute call. This will give us a chance to get to know each other, ask questions and to see if we’re the right fit to work together in your eating disorder recovery.

The main purpose of this call is for me to learn more about your recovery journey, what you are looking for in an eating disorder dietitian and for you to ask me any questions.

Then, if you decide to move forward, you will schedule your first session & submit payment. Due to the nature of eating disorder work, you are not required to commit to a package of sessions. We can take it one session at a time.

Next, you will receive an email to be invited to Practice Better. This is the software that I use to communicate with clients, accept payments and do scheduling. 


Before our first session, you will fill out forms in Practice Better. 

This will include an intake questionnaire that includes questions about your history with food, dieting, your body and your medical history. 

You will also fill out a Release of Information for your therapist*, physician and any treatment center you may have previously attended.

*I do require clients to have a therapist & physician on our team. If you don’t currently have one, I would be glad to help you find one.

Finally, we will have our first virtual session. During this time, we will review your relationship with food and body image, food preferences, health concerns, etc. 

We will then discuss your overall recovery goals and work together to make a plan tailored to your specific needs.

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