You can’t live a full life on an

empty stomach

Empathetic & weight-inclusive nutrition counseling for those looking to make healthy behavior changes without diets

Imagine never going on another diet or counting  calories or carbs ever again.

It’s exhausting to obsess about food and exercise every day.

Or to cycle through trying every diet under the sun, but nothing seems to “work.”

But, that’s because diets aren’t meant to work.

They are meant to keep us in the cycle of restrict-binge-feel guilty and repeat.

My hope for you is that you can break free from the struggle with food that often leaves you feeling hopeless, frustrated and confused about what to do next.

I know you dream about the day that you can wake up and not obsess about what you are going to eat that day or how you are going to exercise to ‘make up’ for it.

Luckily, there is another way

online virtual nutrition counseling intuitive eating athens ga atlanta georgia vickery wellness

Here’s the deal…

Your body is not the problem

Your weight is not the problem

You CAN focus on healthy behavior changes

Sound crazy? Stick with me

You’re in the right place if you…

🧐 Are confused by all of the nutrition information out there and want someone to help you find what works best for YOU

🥗 Need help finding simple & easy ways to add balanced nutrition to your current lifestyle

❤️ Know that your relationship with food and your body is a huge part of finding health-promoting behaviors that help you feel GOOD

💞 Want help with chronic dieting, eating disorder recovery or body image healing work

Happy Clients

“What I love most about working with Courtney is her ability to connect with me as a client, making me feel my concerns were valid and that she wanted to help! She is compassionate about your health & wellness.

L.W., Athens, GA


“Courtney offers judgement free, honest, science-backed guidance on how to build a healthy lifestyle without feeling overwhelmed or not good enough. Her guidance was transformational for me.”

K.M., Athens, GA


“I was so excited to find a local nutritionist who practices body acceptance and intuitive eating. Courtney is easy to talk to, supportive, and compassionate. I’ve loved working with her!

Vickery Wellness | Dietitian Nutritionist | Athens, GA

B.C., Athens, GA


Vickery Wellness | Dietitian Nutritionist | Athens, GA Atlanta, Georgia

Hi, I’m Courtney

Dietitian, Intuitive Eating Counselor, Food Therapist, Body Image Coach

As someone who specializes in Intuitive Eating nutrition counseling and body acceptance work, I am passionate about helping others break free from diet culture and disordered eating habits, while still being able to address their nutrition concerns.

My goal for clients is for them to learn more about their own relationship with food and their body. Then, we can work together toward creating habits around nourishment from food instead of restriction.

In order to ensure that I am being inclusive and flexible, if you would prefer to inquire about services in a way other than over the phone (such as email), I am happy to accommodate those requests.

I believe that YOU are the expert of your body

I believe that health is more than how much you weigh on the scale

I believe that you deserve to have a dietitian who is compassionate

How it works

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    Schedule a free clarity call

    We will chat for 15 minutes to make sure we are a good fit for each other.

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    Complete Intake Paperwork

    Once your 1st session is scheduled, you will complete the paperwork 24 hours prior.

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    Attend 1st Session

    The 1st session is a 60 min. meeting where we do a deep dive into your history with food, dieting and body image, etc. Then you set goals or focus areas at the end of the session.

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    Schedule Follow up sessions

    Follow-up sessions are scheduled either weekly or every other week for 45 min. We will check in, chat about how your week went and more.


*Custom payment plans available upon request

Follow Up Session

Weekly or Bi-weekly
$145/per session
  • 50 Minute Online session via HIPAA compliant Zoom or phone call
  • Checking in to see what you feel went well and what didn’t go well since our last session
  • Discussing and diving deeper into any barriers or concerns you have regarding your relationship with food and your body
  • We will work together to develop a plan that feels good to YOU and is realistic for your lifestyle
  • Practicing attunement exercises during the session to help you get in touch with your hunger, fullness, and satiety cues
  • Includes Chat support in between sessions
  • Access to my webinars, including Meal Planning 101 and Intuitive Eating 101

Insurance Information

vickery wellness dietitian nutritionist athens ga atlanta ga

Vickery Wellness has partnered with Reimbursify for you to easily submit your claims for out-of-network health insurance reimbursement. 

Download the app and get your first five claims for this practice free!

Common Questions

Where is your office located?

All sessions are held via HIPAA compliant Zoom.

What is a Registered Dietitian?

A Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist is a professional who has a minimum of a bachelors degree, completed 1200 hours of supervised practice through an Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) Dietetic Internship and passed a national examination administered by the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR). Some states, such as Georgia, require licensure as well.

Will my health insurance cover Dietitian Nutritionist services?

Vickery Wellness, LLC does not file insurance and currently only accepts private pay clients. However, we can provide you with a super bill, which you can then submit to your insurance company on your own. Please click here to learn more.

What forms of payment does Vickery Wellness accept?

Vickery Wellness only accepts online payments via Stripe once it is scheduled through Practice Better.

What should I expect?

1) Once you submit an appointment request for us to chat, Courtney will confirm the request. 2) After the appointment is confirmed, you will have access to the Practice Better patient portal where you will then fill out some paperwork. 3) If it is decided that you would like to move forward with nutrition counseling, you will then schedule your initial nutrition consultation after submitting payment (either over the phone or online). 4) Once the initial nutrition consultation is scheduled, you will fill out some forms. This will include waivers & agreements, medical and lifestyle history, a 3-day food recall and a questionnaire. Everything is handled through our HIPAA compliant software, Practice Better. 5) During the consultation, we will review your lifestyle habits, history with food and body image, current habits and goals. This won’t be a cut and dry plan. We will begin to do the work of really understanding more about the ‘why’ behind some of your habits and possibly redefining what success will look like for you.

What is Intuitive Eating?

The Intuitive Eating website describes it best: “Intuitive Eating is a self-care eating framework, which integrates instinct, emotion, and rational thought and was created by two dietitians, Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch in 1995. Intuitive Eating is a weight-inclusive, evidence-based model with a validated assessment scale and over 100 studies to date.” It is based on 10 principles: 1) Reject the Diet Mentality, 2) Honor Your Hunger, 3) Make Peace with Food, 4) Challenge the Food Police, 5) Respect Your Fullness, 6) Discover the Satisfaction Factor, 7) Honor Your Feelings without Using Food, 8) Respect Your Body, 9) Exercise—Feel the Difference, 10) Honor Your Health with Gentle Nutrition.

Can I still work with you if I want to lose weight?

Sure! I want to be inclusive of everyone and we can work together on a plan that is realistic and helps you to feel your best. However, I do ask that you put in the work toward a more intuitive and mindful approach to food and behavior changes. My nutrition counseling program is not weight-centric and I work best with clients who are open-minded and ready to participate in the process of questioning their thoughts and behaviors around food and exercise.

Who should work with Courtney?

For those looking for a quick fix or a short-term diet plan or just a meal plan, this is not the best service for you. Courtney focuses on long-term lifestyle & behavioral changes that are evidenced based and suitable to your lifestyle. You will work together as a team to set realistic goals for your health and wellness.

Do you help people in eating disorder recovery?

Yes. I can help adults & college students who are in recovery from an eating disorder or wants to take preventative measures to not relapse. I cannot take clients who need a higher level of care such as inpatient or intensive outpatient. Clients who have previously done some of the work of healing their relationship with food, their body and movement are the ones who benefit the most from my nutrition counseling program. I provide guidance, support and accountability. If you aren’t sure, please feel free to set up the free 15 minute clarity call!

What are your rates?

My hourly rate starts at $200.

How do I know if I have an eating disorder?

Only a medical professional can diagnose an eating disorder, but you can use this tool here to see if you should seek help.

Ready to get started?

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