How does virtual nutrition counseling work

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Making the Pivot to Virtual Nutrition Counseling

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, many industries made the switch to providing their services online. For some, this was a natural adjustment. But, for others, it was a struggle.

Personally, I have always wanted to provide nutrition counseling services in a virtual space. I actually tried to implement it several years ago at a previous job. However, the population we were serving wasn’t ready for that yet and there also weren’t nearly as many video conferencing services available.

Now, there are multiple platforms that provide great virtual spaces to conduct HIPAA compliant sessions. I personally use Practice Better and I have had a great experience with it. It allows me to easily conduct virtual sessions through their platform or Zoom, communicate with clients in a secure messaging system, see what clients put in their food and mood journals and more features that provide my clients with a great experience.

The Positive Side of Virtual Nutrition Counseling

One of the many positives to providing nutrition counseling in a virtual setting is that I can serve anyone throughout the state of Georgia, where I am licensed. For my clients, it also means that they can more easily fit sessions into their schedule as opposed to having to factor in travel, time off from work, etc. Doing a session during a lunch break is completely doable and easy!


Are there any negatives to virtual nutrition counseling?

Honestly, the only downsides to providing virtual only services is that I don’t get to see my clients ‘in person’ and hug them when they ‘graduate’ from the program! Other than that, I have really enjoyed being able to serve clients that are living over 2 hours away from me that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to work with.

What does the actual process look like?

To get started with virtual nutrition counseling at Vickery Wellness, you first book a free 15 minute clarity call. When booking this call, you will fill out a short readiness questionnaire. During the call, we will discuss what you are struggling with, what you are hoping to gain from nutrition counseling with me and I will explain how I can help you. If you decide that you want to move forward, then we go ahead and do payment over the phone and schedule your initial appointment/assessment.

You will receive an email that gives you access to the client portal in Practice Better. In Practice Better, you will fill out forms and questionnaires and have access to food/mood journals and HIPAA compliant messaging with me!

Example of Client Portal at Vickery Wellness

The Practice Better app makes everything accessible and you can even do your sessions through your phone as well!

After the initial assessment session where we set some specific goals for you to work on for the next week or two, we will follow up every other week. I will provide you with guidance, support and accountability on your journey to a more mindful approach to nutrition and a positive body image. My current offering is a 3 month package that includes the 1 hour assessment and 6 30-minute follow ups.

In between sessions, you are welcome to message me through the client portal for support, use the food/mood journals and check off the goals we set together. You will also have access to the Facebook group for Vickery Wellness that provides a community of support.

If you still have questions, please feel free to set up your free 15 minute clarity call to see if my 3 month nutrition counseling program is the best fit for you!

xoxo, Courtney


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